Robert McMillan Pottery


Robert McMillan Pottery represents the accumulation of over 40 years of pottery making experience and craftsmanship by the artist with timeless and enduring patterns.

I use only a high grade commercial stoneware and porcelain clay body that is mid fired to 22000f.

All of my designs are artistically created from glaze formulas that are 100% lead free as well as being 100% food safe & microwave safe and oven proof and dishwasher friendly.

Sandy Dunes colours are representative of current colour trends that are being used in the ceramics, clothing, paint and decorating industries in North America.

My palette includes among other things, Cayenne Red, Dazzling Blue, Hemlock Green, Freesia Yellow, Celosia Orange and Comfrey Green.

I also incorporate a Cobalt Blue that is rich and deep in tone that has been a staple of pottery makers for centuries around the globe.

The use of a local clay body adds an element of natural colouring and keepsake.

I dig the clay locally from a secured source and clean it, slake it, screen and add stabilizers to adapt it to the main clay body.

I am ever cognizant of form and function in my own work as “Made by hand for your hand” is an important aspect in all my pieces.

Many of my current works reflect s the beauty tof my area hat so dominates the Canadian Atlantic scenery.

Robert McMillan.